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Discover Klein Curaçao: A Hidden Gem of the Caribbean

May 31, 20244 min read

Latin America's Secret Island

Nestled in the vibrant turquoise waters of the Caribbean, Klein Curaçao is a hidden gem that offers an unforgettable day trip for any traveler exploring Curaçao. This tiny, uninhabited island, known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich history, is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the best of what the Caribbean has to offer. Here’s a detailed look at my amazing day trip to Klein Curaçao with Mermaid Boat Trips and why you should add it to your travel itinerary.

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The Journey to Klein Curaçao With Mermaid Boat Trips

Our adventure began early in the morning with a comfortable boat ride to Klein Curaçao. The tour company we chose stood out right from the start with their impeccable service. They arranged the tour so we were able to beat the crowd, ensuring we got the best photos and had a more intimate experience on the island. As we sailed away from the main island of Curaçao, the boat’s viewing deck offered breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea, setting the perfect tone for the day. Click here to book your excursion with Mermaid Boat Trips at a discounted rate.

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Arriving at Paradise

As we approached Klein Curaçao, the first thing that struck me was the island's pristine beauty. The soft white sand beaches and the inviting clear waters seemed almost surreal. Upon arrival, the tour company provided complimentary lounge chairs, allowing us to relax and soak in the sun comfortably. The island was still quiet, with only a few other groups around, making it feel like our own private paradise.

Exploring the Island of Klein Curacao with Mermaid Boat Trips

Klein Curaçao is small enough to explore on foot, and there’s plenty to see. We started with a visit to the iconic lighthouse, a historical landmark that offers panoramic views of the island and surrounding sea. The hike to the lighthouse was easy and enjoyable, and the view from the top was nothing short of spectacular.

Next, we visited the shipwreck of the Maria Bianca Guidesman, which adds a touch of intrigue to the island. The rusting hull of the ship against the backdrop of the bright blue ocean made for some fantastic photo opportunities. This eerie yet fascinating site is a stark reminder of the island's history and the power of the sea.

Snorkeling and Swimming at Klein Island

One of the highlights of Klein Curaçao is its vibrant underwater life. Equipped with complimentary snorkeling gear provided by Mermaid Boat Trips. we dove into the crystal-clear waters. The underwater world was teeming with colorful fish

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Perks of Booking your Klein Curacao Trip with Mermaid Boat Trips

You get to Beat the Crowds

One of the best aspects of this tour was how well the company timed everything. By arriving early, we had the island almost to ourselves for the first part of the day. This not only allowed us to get amazing photos without other tourists in the background but also made the whole experience feel more exclusive and special. As the afternoon progressed and more boats arrived, we were then able to enjoy a private section beach all to ourselves to be able to enjoy the entire day without feeling overcrowded at one of the biggest tourist hot spots in Curacao.

Delicious Lunch

After a morning of exploration and snorkeling, we were treated to a complimentary lunch that was, hands down, the best meal I’ve ever had on a tour. The food was fresh, delicious, and plentiful, with a variety of options to cater to different tastes. There were grilled meats, fresh salads, tropical fruits, and even some local delicacies. It was the perfect way to refuel and relax before heading out for more adventures.

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Complimentary Relaxation and Leisure

Post-lunch, we had some free time to unwind. I chose to lounge by the beach in one of their compliemntary lounge chairs, and enjoyed a cold water provided by Mermaid Boat Trips. It was wonderful to just sit back and take in the stunning surroundings. This company also knows how to run their tours well. They allow you to enjoy your own time and explore at your own leisure, but also are willing to educate you if you're interested in learning more about the island.

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Best Day Trip tour to Klein Island

The viewing deck on the boat offered another opportunity to take in the beauty of the Caribbean, and the friendly crew made sure we were comfortable throughout the trip.

Klein Curaçao is truly a hidden gem of the Caribbean, offering a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty. Whether you're a snorkeler, a history lover, or someone who just wants to lounge on a pristine beach, this island has something for everyone. Mermaid Boat Trips made the experience even better with their thoughtful amenities and excellent service. From the complimentary sunscreen to the delicious lunch, they ensured we had everything we needed for an unforgettable day.

If you’re planning a trip to Curaçao, I highly recommend adding a day trip to Klein Curaçao with Mermaid Boat Trips to your itinerary. It’s a unique experience that showcases the best of the Caribbean and will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Click here to book your tour at a discounted price, today!

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