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I love to travel, just like you!

As the world reopens post-pandemic, I am excited to share with you my own personal upcoming trips. Before I find a new location to travel to, I like to think about:

  • Location

    Is this a suitable climate during my planned stay?

  • Cost

    What does the expense look like once I'm there?

  • Safety

    Is it safe for tourists? Am I able to walk alone?

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Ari was able to help my girlfriends and I plan a weekend trip to the Bahamas. She was able to answer all of my questions about traveling during Covid.

Samantha B.

I purchased the custom itinerary and it was extremely helpful! Not only did it include major points of interest to visit but also had dining, hotel and spa recs

Alex E.

I gave Ari my current travel literary and she was able to upgrade it and make it the best for my new husband and I! Scored amazing dinner reservations in Italy!

Jamie B.

I purchased both preset packs and I use them for almost all of my photos now! Very easy to use on my iphone

Linda P.

I have been trying to step up my Instagram game by having better photos. Most presets make your skin look super red or weird but Ari's Boho style one is actually incredible. 5 stars!

Daniel A.

Super friendly phone call and I was able to walk away with so much more peace of mind. Ari, you're the best!

Renee E.

Ari was extremely polite and helpful when it came to planning my corporate retreat. She took into account my larger group (45 members) and was able to stay within my budget. Amazing!

Nathan P.


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