How to Travel to the Bahamas on a Budget

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How to Travel to the Bahamas on a Budget

You probably see those turquoise blue waters, swimming pigs, nurse sharks, and deserted sandbars all over the internet. The Bahamas is a place many people would love to go but just feel like they could never afford this luxury vacation. You’re in luck because with strategic planning and research, I have figured out a way to enjoy this luxury destination while on a budget. This won’t be exactly dirt cheap like my other destinations, but it should help cut those pricey costs to this exotic place. 

Hotels to stay at in the Bahamas if you're coming here on a budget

Stay in Nassau 

It can be tempting to stay in the exotic Exuma Cays, but unless you are trying to spend a fortune on accommodation alone, it’s more feasible to stay in Nassau. Below are some of the best budget-friendly all-inclusive (food and drink included) resorts in Nassau

Riu Palace Paradise Island 

Warwick All Inclusive 

Breezes Bahamas (a little bit pricier than the other two) 

friendly nassau bahamas resort

Travel in May-June 

May is after peak tourist season but before the hurricane season so prices will be lower, but the weather still should be beautiful 

Book a flight/hotel package on Expedia 

Expedia sells bundle packages that discount the flight and hotel if you purchase together. Using this feature is the best way to find deals. 

Budget for an Exuma Cays tour PRIOR to your trip

This tour is one of the must-do activities when in the Bahamas. It costs about $400 for the day trip to see the sharks, pigs, deserted sandbars, and pristine turquoise waters but it is a MUST do activity. Food is also included. Read about my experience with this amazing tour 

Make sure you budget for it ahead of time so when booking, you are not shocked about the price. Trust me you do not want to visit the Bahamas without doing this. 

I hope this Article was helpful! Please feel free to comment or ask me any questions regarding your upcoming trip. For more information about traveling to The Bahamas, you can book a consultation call with me or request a custom itinerary by heading to this page. Happy traveling!

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