Ultimate Guide: Seychelles Travel on a $50/Day Budget

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Ultimate Guide: Seychelles Travel on a $50/Day Budget

Are you dreaming of a luxurious vacation in the Seychelles but worried about the high costs? Well, fret not! Even though the Seychelles is renowned as a top-tier luxury travel destination, it is possible to explore this stunning archipelago on a budget of just $50 per day. During my 10-day adventure, I had the opportunity to experience both extravagant and cost-effective options firsthand. With my invaluable insights, I'm thrilled to share 12 easy tips on how you too can enjoy an affordable trip to the Seychelles. Also I will be including my favorite accommodation recommendations that won't break the bank. 

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12 Tips to Traveling the Seychelles on a Budget 

Tip 1: Don’t fly directly to the Seychelles from the USA

If you're considering a trip to the Seychelles, I recommend flying into a destination like the UAE or Oman. These countries offer convenient flight options to the Seychelles starting at just $300. By including these stopovers in your itinerary, you not only get to visit two amazing places but also enjoy cost-effective flights. On the other hand, flying directly from the USA to the Seychelles can be quite expensive, with prices exceeding $2,000. Optimize your travel budget by considering these affordable and versatile route options.


Tip 2: Fill out the arrival form ahead of time

To ensure a smooth arrival process, it is crucial to fill out the passenger arrival form before your trip. This form can be completed up to 7 days prior to your departure. By taking the time to complete it in advance, you can avoid unnecessary processing fees. I learned this the hard way when I arrived at the airport unaware of the form and ended up paying a steep $31 processing fee. Don't make the same mistake - save both time and money by submitting the form ahead of time.

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Tip 3: Accommodation Recommendation

When it comes to accommodation in the Seychelles, proper planning in advance is crucial to avoid straining your bank account. Keep in mind that options for lower budgets are extremely limited, so it's essential to plan at least 2 months in advance to secure your desired accommodations, even during the low season. During my own trip, I witnessed places selling out rapidly, highlighting the importance of timely bookings.

Below, I've listed the accommodations I personally stayed at on each of the islands. They perfectly suited my budget and fulfilled my needs. Moreover, the reliable internet connection provided a great advantage for remote work, making my stay even more enjoyable.

***These are not sponsored, just my personal recommendation.

Mahe: Papaya Guesthouse

Praslin: Coco Bay Villa 

La Digue: Kot Babi House

When looking for accommodation within budget in the Seychelles, filter out hotels and go the BNB or guesthouse route Via Booking.com. You will be able to find very affordable places

Bnbs in the Seychelles 

Guesthouses in the Seychelles


Tip 4: Travel shoulder season

 For more budget-friendly options, consider visiting the Seychelles during shoulder season, as prices are notably lower compared to peak season. Among the shoulder months, May stands out as an ideal choice. During my visit in May, we enjoyed clear skies and sunny weather throughout the 10 days. However, it's worth noting that June brings a higher likelihood of wind and rain, so keep that in mind when planning.

Additionally, October-November and April-May are also favorable periods to travel here, allowing you to avoid potential rainstorms and gusty winds. Take advantage of these optimal times for a more pleasant and enjoyable experience in the Seychelles.


Tip 5: Avoid Taxis

When it comes to transportation in the Seychelles, taxis can be incredibly expensive, with prices reaching as high as $40 for a 15-minute one-way trip. To maximize your exploration while keeping costs in check, renting a car is the best option. Fortunately, the Seychelles accepts US driver's licenses, and you can secure a car for approximately $50 per day. If you're unable to access a rental car upon arrival, simply request assistance from your accommodation for transportation to and from the airport and ferry ports until you can arrange for a car.

Alternatively, on the islands of Mahe and Praslin, there is a public bus system available. Although these buses are affordable and serve many destinations, it's important to note that the bus system may experience delays, causing schedule disruptions. Despite this, the buses offer a budget-friendly means of getting around the islands. Plan accordingly and allow extra time for potential delays when utilizing the bus system.


traveling in the seychelles for under $50/day

Tip 6: Get groceries or eat local

When it comes to dining out in the Seychelles, traditional restaurants can be quite expensive. However, you have two alternative options: supermarkets or local restaurants. While supermarkets still tend to be pricey due to import costs, they are generally the most affordable choice. On the other hand, local restaurants offer delicious meals at more reasonable prices, typically around $6-$7 per meal. Look out for buffet-style local restaurants, as they often provide excellent value for money.

It's important to note that tap water in the Seychelles is not potable. To stay hydrated, consider purchasing gallon-sized bottles of water from the supermarket, typically priced around 50 cents, and use them to refill your own water bottles. This cost-effective solution ensures you have a sufficient supply of drinking water during your stay.


Tip 7: Don’t fall for scams

While exploring the Seychelles, you'll encounter numerous vendors offering various items such as coconuts, jewelry, and more. However, I recommend avoiding beach vendors as their prices tend to be significantly higher. A cautionary tale: a friend of mine purchased a coconut on the beach and ended up paying a steep $10, whereas a similar coconut could be obtained for a fraction of that price by simply walking inland to a restaurant.

To save money, consider venturing away from the beach and exploring alternative options for purchasing these items. You'll likely find more affordable prices and a wider range of choices by seeking out local restaurants or shops situated further inland. Don't let beach prices take a toll on your budget - take a short stroll and discover better deals elsewhere.


Tip 8: Using cellular data here is EXPENSIVE

When it comes to cellular data in the Seychelles, it's important to note that it can be quite expensive. As a digital nomad myself, I understand the need for reliable internet access, although it's worth mentioning that the internet quality in the Seychelles is not always optimal. To ensure connectivity, purchasing a local SIM card was essential for me. With the Cable and Wireless provider, I spent approximately $124 for a 20 GB data plan. If possible, try to minimize data usage or be prepared for the associated costs.

Fortunately, you don't necessarily need data to navigate the Seychelles. Prior to your trip, download offline Google maps to easily find your way around without relying on a data connection. Most hotels and guesthouses offer internet access, although it can be slow unless you're staying at a high-end resort. Another option worth considering is obtaining a few gigabytes through an eSIM card from Airalo. They offer the most affordable plans in the Seychelles, and you can even use my code ARIAHN516 for a $3 discount on your SIM card. Additionally, Airtel at the airport frequently offers deals on lower gigabyte packages, so it's worth exploring their offerings as well.

 the most photographed beach in the world Anse Source d'Argent, la digue seychelles

Tip 9: Have an ATM card and Credit Card that doesn’t charge fees

 When it comes to payment methods in the Seychelles, it's a mix of cash and cards. However, you don't need to carry excessive amounts of cash. Typically, cash is mainly used for transportation expenses, while other establishments accept Apple Pay or regular cards.

It's important to note that the Seychelles has high ATM and credit card processing fees. To avoid these fees and save money, I recommend considering two of my favorite cards:

  1. Capital One Venture Card: This credit card offers favorable terms and doesn't charge these additional fees.
  2. Charles Schwab ATM Card: This card serves as both an ATM and debit card, and similarly, it doesn't impose any fees for ATM withdrawals.

To maximize your savings, I highly recommend signing up for these cards before your visit to the Seychelles. By doing so, you can avoid unnecessary fees and enjoy a more cost-effective payment experience.


Tip 10: Pay for ferries ahead of time

When it comes to boat transportation to and from the islands in the Seychelles, it's essential to plan ahead and budget accordingly to avoid any surprises when booking.

For instance, my journey from Male to Praslin, La Digue, and Mahe cost me around $150 for the ferry rides. To secure the best prices, I recommend checking out Viator, where you can find competitive rates and conveniently make your bookings.

To ensure availability, it's crucial to book ahead of time, particularly during peak season, as the ferry schedules can fill up quickly. Keep in mind that the number of daily departures is limited, so early booking is key to securing your preferred timing.

Lastly, I must mention that despite the higher cost, the ferry service in the Seychelles is exceptional. These are by far the nicest ferries I have ever experienced, justifying the premium price tag.

Remember, plan ahead, book in advance, and enjoy the top-notch ferry service while exploring the breathtaking islands of the Seychelles.

 Anse Source d'Argent is the most photographed beach in the world

Tip 11: Pack all necessities before your trip

To avoid exorbitant prices, make sure to pack all your essential items such as sunscreen, bug spray, and more before your trip to the Seychelles. Local shops tend to charge up to three times the regular price for these items, making it highly advisable to come prepared. By packing these necessities in advance, you can save significant amounts of money and ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.


Tip 12: Travel with someone else

 Traveling with a companion can significantly reduce expenses as you can split the costs of accommodation and transportation. It's a cost-effective option to consider. However, if you plan to travel with more than one additional person, finding suitable accommodation can be challenging, as the Seychelles is primarily known as a honeymoon destination.

Additionally, most beaches and hiking spots in the Seychelles, excluding the national park in La Digue, are freely accessible. There's no need to pay extra for tours, such as snorkeling, as the reefs are stunning just by swimming off the beaches. For the best snorkeling experiences, visit Anse Lazio on Praslin and Anse Source d' Argent on La Digue. Relaxing at the beaches is a cost-free and enjoyable way to spend your days in the Seychelles, which aligns perfectly with the essence of this idyllic destination.

Looking for inspiration to visit the Seychelles on a budget? I hope that this blog convinced you that you don't have to be a luxury traveler to enjoy this remarkable destination. Whether you're a budget-conscious adventurer or simply looking for a more affordable travel experience, the Seychelles has something for everyone. If you need expert assistance in planning your future trip, feel free to give me a call. I specialize in creating personalized itineraries that cater to your budget, needs, and preferences. Let's make your dream trip to the Seychelles a reality!


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