Where Can I Travel in the World as a Solo Female?

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Where Can I Travel in the World as a Solo Female?

As a female myself, traveling alone can be intimidating at times. Well, luckily there are so many amazing places in the world that are safe for females to travel to without fear. If you have any further questions regarding solo female travel, I would be happy to talk one on one with you to encourage you to travel the world solo too! You can book a consulting call with me here. 

10 beautiful destinations safe for solo-female travelers 

1) Iceland

Iceland is a perfect option for someone who wants to spend time in nature. Iceland is full of some of the most magnificent landscapes that make you feel like you’re on another planet. Most people when traveling to Iceland decide to rent a camper van and road trip. Solo female travel is very popular throughout Iceland.


2) Bali, Indonesia

Although not every place in Indonesia is the safest, Bali itself is ranked high on the list of safe places for females to travel to. Home to many digital nomads, Bali is a great place to rewind, explore and meet people at hostels. Bali is a Hindu island as well.


3) Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another great place for solo female travel. I had a friend travel solo there to Santa Teresa and I, myself have been on two previous trips to Costa Rica. There was never a moment I felt unsafe at all. With beaches, jungles, wildlife and friendly locals, Costa Rica has so much to offer. Not only that, there are many work exchange programs such as WorldPackers which is a great way to make friends along the ways with your travels.


4) Australia

Australia is home to a large backpacking culture so it attracts lots of solo travelers. There are so many camper van and backpacking routes established so you’re guaranteed to make lots of friends along the way.


5) Scandinavian Countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark)


These countries have some of the most progressive gender-equality policies in the world. The crime here is VERY low. There are so many beautiful landscapes and cute villages to visit during your time in any of these countries. Don’t forget to book a bubble hotel room to stargaze the Northern Lights!


6) Thailand

During my time living in Thailand for four months, I felt extremely safe even walking around alone at night. The locals are super friendly and helpful. Thailand has a lot to offer from bushiest temples, mountain ranges and "instagramable" beaches.


7) Canada

The amount of national parks that Canada has to offer is endless. From hiking to camping and stargazing Canada is a great trip for those “Granola Girls.”


8) Scottland

Inner and Outer Hebrides are great for solo trips as well as Edinburg.


9) Chile

Chile is another country with an extremely low crime rate and friendly locals. There are many national parks with unreal landscapes.


10) Nepal

Adventure and tourism make up most of Nepal. It’s famous for trekking which is a great way to immerse yourself in nature. You can hike with local guides which will provide not only safety but life long friendships.

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