How to Plan a Budget-Friendly, Fun-Filled Spring Break with your Friends in Cancun, Mexico

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How to Plan a Budget-Friendly, Fun-Filled Spring Break with your Friends in Cancun, Mexico

Spring break is something you don’t wanna have FOMO during while all your friends are soaking up the sun in the tropics drinking piña coladas, and eating unlimited tacos at their all-inclusive resorts. Having been a broke college student myself, I still managed to have a great spring break in Cancun, Mexico while being on a budget.

But isn’t going on spring break going to be expensive? The answer is no! Below are some of my tips and tricks for you to have some fun in the sun and take a break from reading those books and writing those papers. 

Where should I go for spring break that's beautiful, yet fun? 

Tip #1 Plan on going to Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is full of both nightlife and fun adventures. It’s pretty cheap to fly into because it's overall a short flight from most main airport hubs in the states. All the resorts are about 20 minutes from the airport so shuttling over is not expensive. The ocean and weather are absolutely beautiful during the spring break times (late February-April). Many of the resorts also cater to spring break specifically so you are guaranteed to have entertainment such as pool parties, DJ’s, packed nightlife, and many excursions to choose from (if you decide to do this for an extra cost). 

The two best Spring break resorts in Cancun, Mexico 

Tip #2 Stay at either one of these resorts 

I have two resorts that are cheap yet fun that I want to share with you 

The Riu Cancun All Inclusive

This has been my ultimate FAVORITE resort. The Riu books up fast because it’s very popular for obvious reasons. First, they have entertainment all the time such as a DJ or fun activities on the resort. Most people that stay there are between the ages of 20-29 making it spring break friendly and catered to young adults. The Riu is also only a five-minute walk to all the nightlife. The rooms and service are great. The Riu is all-inclusive which means you do not pay for drinks or food and can eat and drink 24/7 if you really wanted to. Book the Riu discounted here 

riu all inclusive resort in cancun, mexico


 The Grand Oasis Cancun All Inclusive

This resort is also great for spring break on an ultimate budget. Being one of the cheapest resorts in Cancun while having great entertainment, you will have the time of your life here! Because this resort is so cheap, the crowd can be even wilder than at the Riu. This resort is also all-inclusive so drinks and food are free. Be aware that this resort is about 11 minutes from the nightlife so you will have to taxi unless you want to walk for almost two hours. Book the Grand Oasis discounted here

two friends in a pool at the riu in cancun, mexico

Other Low-Cost Resorts in Cancun

Tip #3 Plan on going with a group of 4

Normally the maximum amount of people allowed per hotel room is four. Going with a group of four helps reduce the cost of the room if you completely fill it. 

Tip #4 Plan on going 4 days and 3 nights

This might seem like a short trip but for spring break, I felt like that was enough time for me. You will be out in the sun drinking and partying most of the time while wanting to go out and night and a short in and out is the best way to do spring break in my opinion. It is still enough time to enjoy the tropics of Mexico while squeezing in an excursion as well. 

Tip #5 Book your trip by getting a flight + Hotel package on Expedia 

Having had gone to Mexico many times, I have found the best deals to be booked through Expedia. By getting a flight and hotel package from the largest airport closest to you, the deals Expedia offers are a steal! 

Tip #6 Need a break from partying? Go on an excursion!

There are plenty of day trip excursions you can go on in Mexico for a pretty low cost. I have attached some of my favorites down below. If you have the budget for it I would highly recommend dedicating a day to see more of Mexico! 

three people jumping in front of the world wonder chichen itza in mexico

Cenote Swimming, Chichen Itza, Valladolid Yucatan tour 

Tulum Half-Day Trip from Cancun

Tulum Full Day Trip from Cancun 

Isla Murajes Island and Snorkeling Boat Tour 

Tip #7 Nightlife

Cancun is FULL of nightlife and I’m saying all you have to do is walk down the strip and there is something fun going on. Whether you’re into the club scene or chilling at a bar drinking a beer there is something for you to enjoy. Most major clubs will have a cover fee, but there are plenty of clubs that you can walk into without a fee and have the time of your life. 

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