How to Solo Travel India as a Female

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How to Solo Travel India as a Female

Traveling alone as a Female in some countries can feel intimidating, but don’t ever let that stop you from chasing your dreams. As a female who has been traveling the world solo for many years, I feel as if I was able to develop ways to be able to travel to many destinations (including India) that may not be as common for females to visit alone. As a solo female traveler, if my fellow girls ever need any support, don’t be afraid to call me anytime and I can help answer any of your questions in more detail. 

India is somewhere that many people want to visit, but unfortunately the media has portrayed it negatively, especially for Females). Before you immediately listen to the media, please do your research and do NOT ever judge a country as a whole. Remember- the media always likes to generalize what is happening in different areas of the world. There have been many countries I have visited that I feel much safer in than walking around the city in my own hometown back in the United States. 


10 Tips for Solo Female Travel in India 

1. Stay at an Accommodation with a Good Reputation 

Prior to my trip to India, I made sure to do my research and find accommodation that would not only be safe, but also comfortable for my needs. I found that the Hosteller chain was my best option. Hosteller has locations all throughout India and their staff is amazing. They are extremely accommodating and will help get you to and from your next destination. There was a time when I needed to take the train, and one of the workers didn’t leave my side until I was on the train. When I got off the train, the other Hosteller location had their driver waiting, ready to pick me up with a sign that had my name written on it. 

This is not sponsored, it's just my personal opinion I am sharing about the positive experience I had with Hosteller locations throughout India. 

During my time in India I stayed at 


2. Always stay in Hostels (goes hand in hand with tip 1)

As mentioned in tip #1, I stayed in Hosteller locations when I was in India. Staying in hostels is a great way to make friends and have people to explore with. You aren’t alone when in hostels. If you feel more comfortable, always opt for a private room (which is what I did) 

Find affordable hostels in India by clicking here 


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3. Stick to Popular Tourist Areas Only 

I do love traveling off the beaten path, but I would recommend always going to tourist areas when traveling India. It’s easier to navigate around and some areas of India are primarily for locals and they do not want tourists there. I would recommend for your first time doing the “Golden Triangle Route” which is Dehli to Agra to Jaipur and back to Dehli.


4. Take the Trains as Much as you Can

Trains are the best option if you are traveling alone. You won’t need to worry about transfers (if you decide to do the “Golden Triangle” route) or being alone in a car with a driver if you aren’t comfortable with that. The trains are always occupied with families, parents and other travelers. 


5. Visit the Taj Mahal with a Guide

A guide will not only be able to teach you about the history and give you fun facts about the Taj Mahal, but they will also be able to make sure its a smooth process to enter and you don’t get scammed. Reach out to me if you need a guide for the Taj Mahal.


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6. Explore Jaipur Via TukTuk

When traveling throughout Jaipur, there are many tours that will be offered, but if group tours are not your thing, I highly recommend renting a TukTuk and exploring that way. I paid about 1500 rupees per day (about $18 USD) for a Daniel, my TukTuk driver to take me to all the places I wanted to visit in Jaipur. He waited for me while I explored and then we moved onto the next site. 

Contact me for the best TukTuk driver in Jaipur- I got you! 


7. Book all Taxis Through your Accommodation 

Although trains are easily accessible throughout India, there may be times when you need a taxi such as getting to and from the airport. If you need assistance with a taxi, always ask your accommodation to book one for you. This will ensure you will have the most comfortable and non-stressful ride. As a solo female, having your accommodation help you with transportation is always a good idea because the accommodation will know what they need to do suit your needs as much as possible. 


8. Dress Modest 

Not only does this respect the Indian culture, but it will be less likely that you will grab people’s attention when traveling throughout India or any other country for that matter. 


9. Have a Sim Card

Make sure your phone is unlocked before going to India. You can do this by checking your phone settings. Download the Airalo app and purchase an India eSim card. An eSim card is an online sim cad without the physical sim. Having an eSim means that once you land at the airport, you’ll have instant internet connection. There is no need to find a sim card place or even leave the airport without data. It’s important as a female to always have a way to contact people in casein case of emergency. Use my code ARIAHN516 for $ off. 


10. Avoid Scamming

It's notorious for tourists to be followed around by workers and locals begging them to buy things. Do not fall for this. Just keep walking and say no! A common scam is that they say there is a local school dance that you should attend. Kindly deny and move on. Another common scam is someone coming up to you and offering to give you a tour of a landmark. Tell them no thank you and keep waling. They may continue to follow and then as for money, but just ignore them the whole time. 


Need More Help and Advice for Traveling India as a Solo Female? 

If you’re looking to travel to India, but have some questions or need help organizing your trip, don’t hesitate to book a call with me! I would love to help you chase your dreams and see this culturally rich country with as little stress as possible. You deserve to see the world, so don’t let being a solo female traveller stop you! India is such a great country, and I guarantee you will have the best time. 

Happy Traveling :) 


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