Instagram Photo Spots in Santorini, Greece that you Cannot Miss

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Instagram Photo Spots in Santorini, Greece that you Cannot Miss

Santorini is known for its dreamy architecture, insane views, and beautiful white churches with blue domes. There is no better place than Santorini to take the perfect photo to enhance your Instagram feed. Santorini is filled with many photo opportunities that I can’t wait to share with you! 

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Photo Spot 1) Churches of St. Anastasi and St. Spirydon

where to get the best photo in santorini greece

This photo spot is THE MOST iconic spot in Santorini. Please be aware that this iconic spot is actually private property owned by a hotel. I went to Santorini at the beginning of October, so there were fewer crowds. I ended up walking by the hotel and the owner had the gate open for tourists to take photos. The gate is open all the time so even if someone isn’t there you can probably access it, but just please be polite about it and only take about 5 minutes tops to get a picture as there is normally a line of people waiting to get their picture taken too. 

How to get here: On the main path in Oia, Santorini where all the shops are, you want to make a right turn going towards the ocean when you reach the Minerali Jewelry Store. I have inserted a photo of the store.

how to get the most iconic photo in greece

Turn right at the Minerali Store towards the ocean

The store is very easy to find as Oia village is basically one main path that is only about a half-mile long. Just walk down the alley and there is a hotel on the left-hand side with a sign that says “private property”. Normally the gate will be open for photos. I have inserted the GPS coordinates as well. I went around noon and it was open then, so I would aim to go around that time as well. 



Photo Spot 2) Oia Castle Viewpoint 

Instagram Photo spot in Santorini Greece

This viewpoint gets packed for sunset, but it’s still beautiful to enjoy during the daytime to capture some pictures, which I suggest you do during the day too. If you are lucky, you can come here during sunset to get a photo, just arrive about an hour or two  before the sunset so you can have the best photo spot on the rocks. 

How to get here: I have inserted the GPS coordinates to get to Oia Castle. I would recommend going here for the sunset your first night in Oia so you can easily find it since there will be a large crowd. Then the following day you can find it easily when there are fewer crowds. 



Photo Spot 3) Pink Kasto House 

Instagram photo spots in Santorini, Greece: Pink Kastro House

This house is very unique to Santorini because it stands out. It's technically a boutique hotel. I did not even know that this hotel existed until I read Saltinourhair’s blog post prior to my Santorini trip which inspired me to find this unique hotel.  

How to get here: This house is right by the Oia Castle viewpoint. I have inserted the GPS Coordinates here. You can easily spot it as you are walking to the Oia Castle viewpoint and you will see stairs to go down by it. 



Photo spot 4) Postcard Viewpoint of the Blue Domes 

Postcard viewpoint photo spot in Santorini, Greece

This viewpoint is a classic overall look of Santorini with the blue dome churches and white buildings. 

How to get here: 

Go to Alessandro’s Jewelry store and make a turn right before it. You will walk straight and see a brown gate, make a left at the gate, and then another right and you will see the iconic view of Santorini! 


Photo Spot 5) Imerovigli Village 

Amazing photo spots in santorini, Greece White buildings and ocean views

Imerovigli Village has beautiful views and white buildings. You will see plenty of people doing photoshoots here in beautiful long dresses and I encourage you to do the same! You can simply just walk around the cliff side and explore the village. 

Photo spots I would recommend you see would be Blue Dome Church, Flowering tree, and Church Bell Tower, but simply walking along the cliffside you will find rooftops and beautiful views for photo backgrounds. 

How to get here: I would recommend renting an ATV in Fira, they are about $25 for 24 hours. Make sure you have an international driver's license. If you do not, you can easily obtain one on the same day for $20. 



Photo Spot 6) Three Bells of Fira

three bells of fira is a great photo-op in Santorini, Greece

The Three Bells of Fira is a great photo location with beautiful views of the ocean cliffside and church. Be aware that some of the angles are slightly awkward when photographing, but with lots of trying you should be able to get a great photo here. 

How to get here: Take your ATV to the town of Fira and there will be plenty of parking near the bells. You will then have to walk up a path that leads to the three bells. 

I hope that you have fun taking the perfect Instagram photo of the fairy tale island of Santorini, Greece! I cannot wait to see what you can capture. Don’t forget to check out my presets to add beautiful colors to your pictures. If you need any tips on traveling to Greece, don’t be afraid to book a call with me and I can help you plan a trip of a lifetime.  

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