Itinerary & Travel Guide For a Budget-Friendly Weekend Trip In Cambodia

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Itinerary & Travel Guide For a Budget-Friendly Weekend Trip In Cambodia

Cambodia is such an underrated country in Southeast Asia. There are SO many reasons you should add Cambodia to your travel bucket list. My friends took a weekend trip to Cambodia and I wish I would’ve stayed longer, although what we did and saw was incredible. Cambodia is home to Angkor Wat Temple aka the most BEAUTIFUL sunrise you will witness in your life. Cambodia is full of amazing culture and food, plus it's one of the cheapest places you can travel to. 

Things to know about Cambodia 

Cambodia actually accepts USD, so if anything is over $1 you can use USD, otherwise still make sure you have Cambodian cash (Riel) on you as well. Cambodia’s main payment form is cash. I would recommend the Charles Schwab Debit Card to withdraw cash from ATMs to avoid paying ATM fees. When using your credit card to book accommodation or transportation etc. I recommend using a card that doesn’t charge international transaction fees such as the Capital One Journey card. 

Make sure you have the proper travel adaptor for electronic use. You cannot use wall plugs in Cambodia without it.

Taking a TukTuk is a great way to get around to see places. They are cheap to ride and fun! 

You need a visa to enter Cambodia. You can order one at the airport for $30 upon arrival. 

Don’t forget to pack appropriate clothes for temples

  • Women have to cover their shoulders and knees! 

How to get to Cambodia 

Make sure to fly into Siem Reap. You can find plenty of discounted flights on 12goasia that might even cost as little as $25 one way. 

Where to Stay 

As mentioned above, Cambodia is one of the cheapest countries in the world. You can find high-quality hostels on Hostelworld for as under $5/night and Hotels on for $10/night 

Hostel Recommendations in Cambodia

Onederz Hostel Siem Reap $4/night

Siem Reap Pub Hostel $2.95/night 

Mad Monkey Siem Reap $7.50/night 

The Siem Reap Chilled Backpacker $13/night


Hotel Recommendations in Cambodia

Unique Angkor Villa (where I stayed) $22/night

Blossoming Romduol Boutique $25/night

Le Water Villa $35/night 

Babel Siem Reap Guesthouse $40/night

For budget-friendly accommodation, I recommend checking out as they always have discounts on hotels and guesthouses. 

Day 1

Make sure you get enough sleep upon your arrival to Cambodia because today is going to be an early morning! You are going to be headed to one of the new world wonders for sunrise, Angkor Wat. Out of all the sunrises I have witnessed around the world, Angkor Wat has been by far the best one ever, and yes it's worth getting up at 4 am for. 

sunrise at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap Cambodia

There are plenty of affordable taxis or shuttle buses you can arrange to head to Angkor Wat. 12goasia has the best prices for transportation arrangements. otherwise, you can go on this adventure with a guided tour that will take you to other temples including the sunrise at Angkor Wat! 

Guided tour option ($37 pass not included)

Private guided tour option ($37 pass not included)

To buy tickets for Angkor Wat, you need to go to the office when they open right at 4:30 am. You cannot buy tickets in advance, you must buy them in person. The Angkor Wat pass can also be used to access other temples in the area. The pass costs $37 USD and can be bought with cash or a card. 

Once you purchase the pass, head right over to Angkor Wat to witness the most beautiful sunrise of your life! It does get busy since it's a very popular attraction, although it's extremely worth it to come here for this. 

After the sunrise, explore the rest of the temples that Angkor Wat has to offer. Don’t forget to enjoy a fresh coconut from one of the vendors! 

polaroid photo at Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Suggested temples to visit 

  • Ta Phrom

  • Pre Rup

  • Prasat Kravan

  • Ta Som

  • Bayon and Baphuon

  • Banteay Srei

  • Angkor Thom 

girl with long blonde hair wearing patterned pants and a blue scarf at Angkor Wat in Cambodia

After a long day of temple hopping, head into town and grab dinner and drinks on Pub Street. Pub Street is a very popular backpacker and tourist hub filled with great street food, culture, and fun! If you have the energy, go out for some drinks as well. Try some friend scorpion if you’re feeling ballsy!

Pub street in Siem Reap Cambodia at night

Restaurant recommendations 

Banana Leaf

El Torro Grill

Khmer Kitchen


Nightlife recommendations 

Angkor What? Bar

Yolo Bar

Temple Club


Day 2

Take a day trip outside of Siem Reap. There are many places to see in Cambodia that can be done on a day trip from Siem Reap. 

Tonle Sap Lake 

Home to many different species and animals, Tonle Sap Lake is a village built on water. Explore the village by boat that 3 million people call home. The village is located about a half an hour from Siem Reap. 

Book a tour here


Phnom Kulen Waterfalls/Lychee Mountain

Calling all nature lovers, this preserve has waterfalls, swimming, and mountains. Lychee mountain is considered sacred by the locals of Cambodia. 

 Book a tour here


Biking around the Cambodian Countryside 

Explore the beauty of Cambodia on a bike. This was such a fun tour I did with my friends plus a great way to get some exercise. The locals will guide you to some of the coolest spots and you’ll enjoy some food on the way as well.

three friends biking in the cambodian countryside

Book a tour here 

 If you’re feeling more adventurous, opt for an ATV tour instead. You can book the ATV version here

End the day with a nice dinner in Siem Reap after coming back from your day trip. Below are some recommended places to eat. 

MAHOB Khmer Cuisine

  • Traditional cuisine

Sokkhak River Lounge

  • Asian, Vegetarian friendly 

Urban Tree Hut

  • Italian, Indian & Cambodian 


  • Cute and outdoorsy

I hope this itinerary was helpful! Please feel free to comment or ask me any questions regarding your upcoming trip. For more information about traveling to Cambodia, you can book a consultation call with me or request a custom itinerary by heading to this page. Happy traveling! 

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