Tips for Finding the Best Flights

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Tips for Finding the Best Flights

Finding cheap flights is not nearly as hard as you think if you plan ahead and stay flexible with your travel dates. I have been able to find flights to many countries for super reasonable prices. 

Tip #1 Download the Hopper app

Hopper is a great way to track flights for specific dates. Just plug in when you want to go and your desired destination the app will alert you when it’s a good time to book your flight. 

Download IOS version

Download Android version 

Tip #2 Book with Expedia 

Expedia is the best site for those killer deals. They also sell flight/hotel packages which you can book together to lower the cost even more. I have been a long-time user of Expedia. It’s one of my favorite sites to book my trips on because due to its high volume of buyers, the company is able to discount trips for users. 

Tip #3 Be open to longer layovers

Long layovers sometimes are not as bad as people think they are. Sky Scanner is a great source to find cheap flights, although they do have long layovers most of the time, long layovers can even be opportunities to leave the airport to explore a new country. On my flight to Thailand, I had an 8-hour layover in Tokyo Japan, which allowed me to be able to leave the airport to explore the city for a few hours before boarding my next flight. 

Tip #3 Have flexibility within your travel dates

By using Google Flights you can look at dates when the flight prices are the cheapest and book your trip from there. It’s my favorite service to use because it's easy and straightforward. 

Tip #4 Fly out of an airport in the largest city Closest to you

Choosing an airport from a large major city hub such as Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, etc. will guarantee to make your flights cheaper. Even if it means traveling a few hours to the actual airport. Most of these major airports even offer a shuttle service for an additional cost so you don’t need to pay for parking if you drive yourself. Flying out of a much larger airport a little further away from your own city ends up costing a lot less than if you were to fly out of a smaller airport close to you. 

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