Hidden Desert Oasis Hotel Located in the Heart of Morocco

Hidden Desert Oasis Hotel Located in the Heart of Morocco

Did you know that there is a desert oasis only 30 minutes from Marakesch Morocco? Well, there is, and it feels like a dream! I cannot wait to share with you my experience. If you’re a digital nomad (or any traveler in general) looking for an affordable, unique chill getaway full of good vibes and relaxation then this place is for you!

girl posing at the selina agafay nomad camp in morocco

selina agafay nomad camp in morocco

The Selina Agafay Nomad Camp is Morocco's newest and first Selina to be built in the country and let me tell you, this HAS to be one of the most unique stays if not my favorite I have experienced. For more recommendations for unique places to stay if you’re on a budget or any questions about Morocco travel in general (solo travel, female travel, how much to save, where to stay, what to do, etc.) you can reach out to me here

Upon coming here I knew my expectations would be high because I mean it’s a Selina after all ;) Selina has some of the best affordable hotels in the world for digital nomads and young travelers. See a whole list of what Selina has to offer here

girl posing at the selina agafay nomad camp in morocco

Some Things to Know About Morocco 

They will accept euros here if you don’t have local currency 

Make sure to buy bottled water because you cannot drink the tap

Make sure you have the proper adaptor for electronic use. You can’t use them without it. 

Pack light, conservative clothes to wear if you go into town. I have an affordable Amazon list here for inspiration. 

Wear sunscreen! It gets HOT 

If you go into town, Morocco’s main form of payment is Cash. I would recommend the Charles Schwab Debit Card to withdraw cash from ATMs to avoid paying ATM fees. The Selina accepts credit cards so when using your credit card, I recommend using a card that doesn’t charge international transaction fees such as the Capital One Venture card. 


How to Get to the Selina Agafay Nomad Camp

You’ll most likely fly into the city of Marakesh. You can message the staff on WhatsApp at +212 775-583516 to arrange transportation right from the airport which makes for effortless planning. It costs around $65 USD for one way. It’s a little pricier than normal, but I would probably avoid taking a taxi because Selina partners with drivers who will know exactly how to get you there and won’t rip you off either. If you have a group to split it with too it’s pretty affordable. 

Once you walk in you will be greeted with a welcome drink and blown away immediately with the interior design, cultural feel of the property, friendly staff, and endless amenities and activities offered (which I will discuss later). 


Accommodation Options at the Selina Agafay Nomad Camp

The Selina Agafay is equipt with five wonderful room options that will fit many different budgets. They range from $25/night for the dorms to $195 for the luxury private villa (give or take an extra few dollars with low and high seasons) 

  • Hostel Dorm Bedouin Tent (basic and affordable, yet modern) 
  • Micro Tent (private room with private porch & shared bathroom) 
  • Glamping Standard (private bathroom and shower, private porch) 
  • Glamping Suite (The same version as standard but includes: desk, coffee maker, TV, larger bed and room) 
  • Glamping Loft (comes with all amenities including a private plunge pool)

All rooms have comfortable beds, AC units and are decorated beautifully with a boho Moroccan charm. I was lucky enough to experience both the Micro Tent and the Glamping Suite option during my stay here. 

you must stay at this unique hotel outside of Marrakech morocco the selina agafay nomad camp in morocco is a bucketlist hotel

selina agafay in morocco


The Amenities 

The great thing about all Selina’s is if you’re a digital nomad, there is high-speed 50MB wifi everywhere on the property which makes remote work easy and effortless from anywhere. I mean who doesn’t want to work with these pool views?

girl working remote at the selina agafay nomad camp in morocco

girl working remote at the selina agafay nomad camp in morocco

Of course, if you want a more official work environment and don’t feel like working in your room, there is a co-working space also offered for an additional charge.

The wifi here was the best I’ve ever had and I was working in the middle of a desert! 

co working space at the selina agafay in morocco

With two beautiful infinity pools, you will want to spend the majority of your time at the Selina Agafay Nomad Camp relaxing by the pool with your friends and listening to the local music.

The Moroccan sun is HOT so don’t forget sunscreen! 

 girl posing at an infinity pool at the selina agafay nomad camp in morocco

girl posing at an infinity pool at the selina agafay nomad camp in morocco

Tip: There is a shared kitchen here as well so if you want to save money, I suggest taking the shuttle into town and stocking up on groceries to cook yourself. Eating out at this Selina location is on the pricier side and runs about $10 per meal. 

Although…they have a very delicious menu here with many traditional Moroccan food choices. I loved every dish I tried but if I could suggest three it would be…

  • Chicken almond pastilla 
  • Vegetables with couscous 
  •  Buratta salad 

 meals at the selina agafay nomad camp in morocco

meals at the selina agafay nomad camp in morocco


The Activities 

There are many activities that the hostel offers for free and additional charge. Activities include 

  • sunrise meditation (free) 
  • Yoga (free)
  • Hiit workout (free) 
  • Bonfire nights (free)
  • Traditional Gnawa music show (free)
  • Some weekends they throw parties too (free)
  • One-on-one coaching/wellness class (charge) 
  • ATV or buggy ride through the desert (charge) 
  • Camel rides (charge)
  • Various Atlas mountain treks (charge)
  • Hot-air balloon ride (charge) 


girl pouring tea at the selina agafay nomad camp in morocco

I highly suggest going into the town of Marakesh and exploring here for either a full day or two full days during your time in Agafay Desert Morocco. You can get to Marakesh two different ways 

Option 1) Shuttle from the Selina 

  •  The shuttle leaves from the Selina at 7 or 8 am (it fluctuates when it leaves) and takes you to the main train station in Marakesh. It comes back to the Selina at either 3 pm or 11 pm. Make sure you arrange this with reception a day or two prior so they can notify the driver. It costs $12 USD each way. 
  • Try not and take taxis once you get into town. Either walk to take public transportation. 

Option 2) Self-guided tour with a driver 

  • I find this option much more efficient if you are trying to visit a lot of sites in a short time. A half-day personal driver will cost around $100 USD although it’s much more convenient! The driver will pick you up and drop you off at the Selina. He will take you to all the places you wish to go and wait for you while you explore. This option can actually be very affordable if you find a group of 4 to split it with. 

selina agafay nomad camp in morocco

girl with long blonde hair and braid posing at the selina agafay nomad camp in morocco

My time staying at the Selina Agafay Nomad Camp was more than just a trip, it was a cultural immersion and an entire experience within itself which Is why I loved it so much. As a solo woman traveling, safety is important to me and I felt safe here and in Marrakesh the entire time. I cannot express my love for the people who work here too. The staff is remarkable and so welcoming. The hostel's mission for this location is for their customers to have the full Moroccan experience, which they definitely achieved. I cannot express how much this place actually meant to me. From the amazing people I met to the relaxation and wonderful activities I got to participate in, I cannot wait to go back. If there is one place I could live for a longer period of time, it would definitely be here. Marakesh and the Agafay desert truly have exceeded my expectations. I left here feeling refreshed and revived and cannot wait to bring my friends here so they can experience it too. If these photos haven’t convinced you to come here, don’t hesitate to book a call with me so I can help you plan your dream trip to Morocco. YOU could be glamping under the stars in the middle of the desert surrounded by palm trees and then waking up with sunrise yoga and taking a swim in the infinity pool while enjoying traditional Moroccan food and entertainment. This is your sign to book the Selina Agafay Nomad Camp because you deserve a unique getaway too. The desert is calling… answer!

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