This Air Bnb in Guatapé, Colombia is Perfect for a Large Gathering

This Air Bnb in Guatapé, Colombia is Perfect for a Large Gathering

Looking for an extremely affordable international trip with a group? You need to stay in this cabin in Colombia 

Most people visit Colombia for the unique city life which includes local culture and beautiful architecture. Few people realize that besides the city life it offers, Colombia actually has one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Embalse El Peñol-Guatapé is a vast lake that is located in a small town called ​​Guatapé. The town of Guatapé not only houses the lake, but also is a tourist attraction for the colorful hand-painted, and decorated town. Although the city life in Colombia is unbeatable, my friends and I decided to head out of town and to the lake to have a one-of-a-kind “up north” experience in this beautiful country. 

beautiful lake house air bnb rental in guatape, colombialakehouse air bnb rental in guatape, colombia

The Air BnB we booked was called “Lakestone Guatapé.” It had all the features and more for such a steal price. It was a large cabin located right on the lake and can hold up to 12 people so it’s perfect for a large gathering such as a bachelor's or a birthday party. There are plenty of beds and couches for everyone to sleep comfortably. The Cabin costs about $200/night depending on the date and season you rent it out, but If you found 12 people to split the cabin with, it would come out to approximately only $15 PER PERSON per night. If you ever need help finding amazing, yet affordable accommodation, you can book a call with me and I would love to assist you in finding the perfect place to stay during your trip.

 friends at a lakehouse air bnb rental in guatape, colombia

The lake is accessible for swimming right from the cabin and other features include an open porch with hammock and lounge area, grill, jet skis, and boat for additional rental with driver, speaker system, fireplace, and more. Definitely consider renting out the boat and jet skis for a day. You can arrange this right with the host! A driver will take you around the lake all day and make stops to swim, jump off a bridge and have some drinks at a waterfront bar. The boat also has an impressive speaker, so it's perfect for a party! 

lakehouse air bnb rental in guatape, colombia lakehouse air bnb rental in guatape, colombia sleeps up to 12 people

lakehouse in guatape, colombia with lake access, boat and more

Additionally, during our time at the lake house, the host was very accommodating and also helped arrange us tuk-tuk style taxis to take us into town so we could explore there and hike up the famous rock that overlooks the lake. We also used the grill to make our own food to save money, plus who doesn’t love family dinners, right? 

Overall, this getaway literally took me back to the summer camp days. No lake day in the states will beat this lake day we had in Colombia! There was a solid mix of adventure, relaxation, and partying. This cabin rental is beyond perfect for any group looking for a fun time in nature abroad with their friends.

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  • This is so cool! I need to share with my friends. Looking to go somewhere unique for my bachelor party🎉 this looks right up my alley!


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