Paradise Accommodation on a Budget: You NEED to Stay Here

Paradise Accommodation on a Budget: You NEED to Stay Here

If you are looking for affordable, unique accommodation in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua, you need to stay at this boutique hotel! These pictures will convince you to stay here because this place is paradise on a budget.

My friends and I were aiming to find something that would feel inviting, have a swimming pool, suitable working space, delicious food, friendly staff and of course people around our age so we could make friends. The three of us work remotely, so we like to stay at places that we truly enjoy since most of our time is spent working at our accommodation.

girl with blonde braid wearing bikini sitting in an infinity pool at a boutique hotel that overlooks the ocean during sunset in nicaragua

girl with long blonde, wavy hair wearing a orange and white floral sundress standing at a viewing dock at hush hotel in nicaragua during sunset

Where to Stay in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Hush Maderas was referred to us by someone at our previous hostel where we stayed at.

When arriving at Hush, I was shocked! This boutique hotel is BEAUTIFUL. It has one of the best sunset spots in Nicaragua. There is an infinity pool that overlooks the ocean with breathtaking views. The hotel is only about 15 minutes from the main town and the staff will arrange an affordable taxi for you if you want to head into town or help you book a day trip tour to somewhere else in Nicaragua. Some popular amenities they offer include Viewing decks with hammocks, an outdoor gym, discounted yoga class, an accessible walk to the beach, dinner specials (such as $1 taco and marg Monday, and discounts on pasta on Wednesdays), a bar, and an outdoor co-working space with a roof and fans.

silver macbook pro at a co-working hostel in san juan del sur nicaraguayoga studio at a boutique hotel in san juan del sur nicaragua

outdoor jungle gym at a hotel in san juan del sur nicaraguagreen and grey hammock at boutique hotel in san juan del sur nicaragua overlooking the ocean

outdoor bar at a boutique hotel in san juan del sur nicaragua

How Much Does it Cost? 

We decided to stay in the SkyLoft room, which is one of their larger rooms. It can sleep up to three people (one king bed, one smaller bed) and only costs $23/person/night (totaling $70/night, $130/night in peak season). The room also has high floor to ceiling glass windows, which makes for great ocean views. If you’re traveling on a budget or solo, Hush also offers dorm rooms that cost $22/dorm bed/night. Compared to some of the other accommodation prices in San Juan Del Sur, Hush is on the lower spectrum of prices and is very affordable, especially for how beautiful this place really is. It’s a great place to be if you’re looking to make new friends!

girl with long blonde curly hair sitting in a hotel room bed with cream colored sheetsview from a boutique hotel room in san juan del sur nicaragua

group of friends watching the sunset in san juan del sur nicaragua

The main highlight of Hush as mentioned are their sunsets and infinity pool. This boutique hotel offers so much for a fair cost. The sunsets were breathtaking every night. It was a great feeling to take a pause from working and just jump in the infinity pool that overlooked the ocean or read a book in one of the lounge spaces.

girl with blonde hair in a braid reading a book in a hammock overlooking the ocean in nicaragua

The food here is delicious. They offer a great, healthy selection for all dietary needs. Some of the food I would recommend you try would be…

  • Butternut pumkin ravioli
  • $1 tacos on Monday (fish and chicken)
  • Arugula salad
  • Pesto pasta
  • Chicken nachos
  • Hummus plate (feeds 2)

taco and margaritas at hush hotel in san juan del sur nicaraguaHand with gold jewelry and purple painted nails holding a banana smoothie at hush hotel in san juan del sur nicaraguaArugula salad at hush hotel in san juan del sur nicaraguaHummus plate with vegetables and falafel at hush hotel in san juan del sur nicaragua

Hush makes you honestly never even want to leave which is why we loved it so much. Its uniqueness felt like a little paradise. The accommodation and meals are very affordable too, so if you are wanting a more chill trip that doesn’t require moving around, you will be very happy chilling all day by the pool and enjoying all the free amenities that they offer here. Don’t forget to sit back, relax, enjoy and capture some beautiful pictures of the photogenic property! I can’t wait to come back to this place one day. Let me know in the comments if you would stay here and don't forget to follow my blog for more unique, budget accommodations. 


  • that infinity pool is literally dreamy!

  • This is SO COOL. I am planning a backpacking trip with some friends to Central America next year and want to look into this place. The views of the pool though!!!!!

    Sam C

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