Experience the Best African Safari at Milimia Big 5 Lodge in South Africa

Experience the Best African Safari at Milimia Big 5 Lodge in South Africa

To go on an African safari experience is on many travelers top “bucket list” activities. With many different choices in where to go on a Safari or what type of safari, it can hard to figure out the best option. South Africa is ranked one of the best places to do a safari, so I immediately knew I needed to look into options here.

girl at a kruger national park safari with milima big 5 safari lodge

Choosing the right Safari in South Africa

After doing some extensive research and reading hundreds of positive 5 star reviews, I had decided on booking my 3 night safari trip with Milima Big 5 Safari Lodge. There are many reasons why I decided to choose this lodge, and I could’ve have been happier with my decision. For help planning your South African Safari trip, you can reach out to me by clicking this link.


Reasons Why You Should Do an African Safari at Milima Big 5 Safari Lodge in Greater Kruger National Park

All Inclusive Luxury

At Milima Big 5 Safari Lodge, your stay is completely covered. Enjoy three delicious meals per day, snacks, drinks (including alcohol), and two game drives—one in the morning and another in the evening. Immerse yourself in luxury and convenience from the moment you arrive.


The Affordability and Value

From the safari experiences to the luxurious amenities and comfortable rooms, Milima Big 5 Safari Lodge offers very affordable room rates. Choose from single rooms, luxury tents, or villas for groups. You can check out their accommodation options by clicking this link. I have never been more comfortable at a hotel before. The large king beds are amazing, showers are huge, there are porches outside of the rooms to relax outside as well as complimentary converter wall plugs, so you can keep your electronics charged. There is a large shared pool located right in front of the watering hole, so you can watch wildlife right from the loge. My friend and I sat here and watched animals for hours! Check out this cute elephant family that welcomed us on our first day we had arrived!

girl at milima big 5 safari lodge in kruger national park south africa

Milima big 5 safari lodge in kruger national park south africa


Unforgettable Safari Experience

I have truly never even seen a safari experience this amazing. I cannot get over it! First of all, their safari guides are phenomenal. They are very well-experienced so you never have to worry about anything happening. Milima Big 5 Safari Lodge is located on a private property within Kruger National Park, meaning that the vehicles used are the best ones possible. These types of vehicles are completely open, so it makes the safari experience that much better. Views of wildlife will not be obstructed in their vehicles. The trucks are super comfortable and well-designed to allow space between all the passengers, which of course helps with being able to capture the best photos since people won’t be in the way.

Milima big 5 safari lodge at kruger national park

The best thing about opting for a private game reserve is the ability to see more wildlife. The animals are much more used to vehicles driving past them and it doesn’t phase them. In public game reserves, animals can be more skittish because more vehicles will crowd around them which causes discomfort for the animals.

the best south african safari in kruger national park

Milima’s safari experience is something out of a movie. From the thrill of the game drives, to the sunset bush dinners, it’s something that has officially made it onto my top 3 favorite travel experiences (and I have A LOT of those! ha). Nothing is more incredible than watching an unreal sunset while enjoying a delicious homemade dinner surrounded by a campfire, other like-minded travelers and the beauty of African nature and wildlife. As I mentioned earlier, this all included within your stay at Milima Big 5 Safari Lodge, and yet another reason I can understand why so many other travelers also enjoyed booking with this lodge.

 sunset bush dinner at milima big 5 safari lodge in south africa

Memorable Dining and Drinking

Indulge in a culinary journey at Milima Big 5 Safari Lodge. Enjoy three delicious and beautifully-presented meals per day prepared by a 5-star chef. The resort offers a wide selection of artisan wines and non-alcoholic beverages. In addition to meals, snacks such as nuts and chips are available throughout the day, providing a complete dining experience.


High-Speed Wifi at Milima Big 5 Safari Lodge’s Property

Good wifi can be hard to come across on safari lodges because they are located pretty much in the middle of nowhere. As a remote worker, I have to be able to stay connected regardless of where I’m located. Stay connected even in the heart of the African wilderness with Milima Big 5 Safari Lodge’s high-speed wifi. Whether you're a remote worker or simply want to stay in touch, the lodge offers reliable internet connectivity throughout the entire property, including the rooms. I was able to conduct my zoom meetings without a single problem or interruption.

Milima big 5 safari lodge in kruger national park south africa 

Friendly Staff at Milima Big 5 Safari Lodge

The treatment from the staff here is nothing but amazing. You will experience warm hospitality from the moment you arrive at Milima Big 5 Safari Lodge. The friendly staff ensures your comfort and satisfaction, always ready to assist you. Their knowledge about South African safari life adds an extra layer of enrichment to your stay. During our time here, we were able to foster some great lifelong friendships.

 Girl spotting a giraffe at kruger national park south africa

An African Safari Experience at Milima Big 5 Safari Lodge, that I will Never Forget

African safari experience at Milima Big 5 Safari Lodge is something you have to consider adding to your travel bucket list. From the moment I arrived, I was captivated by the all-inclusive luxury and affordable rates that allowed me to truly immerse myself in the magic of the wild. The incredible wildlife encounters, led by expert guides, left me in awe of nature's wonders. And let's not forget the warmth and genuine hospitality of the staff, who went above and beyond to ensure every moment was filled with joy and comfort. From yummy meals, thrilling game drives and stories around the campfire at sunset, every aspect of my stay at Milima Big 5 Safari Lodge felt like a dream come true.

As a full-time traveler, I've had the privilege of experiencing numerous adventures around the globe, and I can confidently say that my time at Milima Big 5 Safari Lodge ranks among my most cherished travel memories. Click the link to book your stay here today. For any additional travel planning, consulting, custom itineraries, you can reach out to me by booking your call today!

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