Discover the Hidden Gem of Mantur Almog: A Budget-Friendly Stay at Selina Hostel in Israel

Discover the Hidden Gem of Mantur Almog: A Budget-Friendly Stay at Selina Hostel in Israel

Whenever I travel to a new destination, I like to go off the beaten path and experience places that are lesser known to tourists. Of course, my first option for accommodation is always Selina. When I discovered that Selina had multiple unique accommodations around Israel, I excitedly decided to book my stay at their Mantur Almog location.

 girl sitting at the selina hotel in mantur amog israel

Mantur Almog is a small town close to the dead sea located about 40 minutes east of Jerusalem. Upon arrival, I was immediately impressed with the stunning location of the Selina Mantur Almog. The hostel is nestled in the heart of the Mountains, surrounded by lush vegetation. This location is perfect for travelers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse themselves in nature. During your stay, you have options to explore the nearby hiking trails, go for a swim in the sea, or simply relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings around you. The hostel also organizes cultural events and live music performances, creating a lively and inclusive atmosphere where travelers from all over the world can connect and share their experiences.


Room Features & Ammedties of the Selina Almog 

The Selina Almog offers options for accommodation (click here to view all options and prices), which makes it a great option for budget travelers who want to experience a more unique side of Israel without breaking the bank. All the rooms have a boho design that blends traditional and modern elements, creating a unique atmosphere that is both cozy and elegant. The rooms were so comfortable, well-lit, and had a great ambiance. Some of the private rooms even have a balcony for extra privacy to enjoy time with family or friends.

Room at the Selina Mantur Almog location

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Mantur Almog By Selina

As a remote worker, I can be assured of high-speed wifi anywhere I go on the property. All Selinas are ideal for digital nomads and remote workers with an aesthetic property design which always makes me keep returning. The hostel offers a co-working space with comfortable workstations. The co-working spaces and atmosphere of the location help keep me motivated and foster creativity and productivity. Additionally, the hostel's location is remote yet easily accessible from major cities such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, making it a convenient base for exploring the country while staying connected to focus on work and relaxation. 

Mantur Almog By Selina

There are many free amenities throughout the property, such as a delicious Israeli breakfast, super fast Wi-Fi everywhere you go, two pools, and free activities.


girl eating lunch at the Selina Almog in IsraelPool at Mantur Almog By Selina


Why You Need to Stay at the Selina Almog 

During my trip, I was interested in making my way to visit the dead sea, and the kind staff made sure to organize a budget-friendly trip that took me to some incredible hidden gems and simply blew my mind. I did not think my stay here could get any better, so this was the cherry on top. 

As a budget-conscious digital nomad, Selina Almog, in my opinion, is of great value. The hostel combines comfort, adventure, and cultural immersion. It’s simply the best place to rewind and relax. I left this place feeling recharged and at peace. Whether you are a solo traveler, a digital nomad, or a group of friends, I highly recommend Selina Almog. Click here to book a call with me so I can help you plan the best trip to Israel and give you tips to explore some of its best-kept secrets.

Mantur Almog By Selina

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